Why Does My Dietitian and Doctor Tell Me Sugar is Okay for Diabetics?

Why Does My Dietitian and Doctor Tell Me Sugar is Okay for Diabetics?
Posted by Beverleigh H Piepers RN, Dated 17-8-2015

The simple answer to this question is that your dietitian and doctor are misinformed. Your dietitian gets information from the American Dietetic Association. Your doctor gets information from the American Medical Association.

Morning breakfast with mini donuts and berriesBoth your dietitian and your medical doctor have to operate within the standards of their profession. Thus, if their professional standards tell them to not remove sugar from the diet of diabetics, then they technically have to follow the standards.

Both the American Medical Association and the American Dietetic Association don’t recommend removing sugar from the diet. There’s some talk about the American Dietetic Association receiving kickbacks from the sugar industry for promoting it, and this talk goes back a few decades.

There’s a move in today’s medical schools towards something called translational medicine. Have you heard of it?

This is where the professors at the medical school are not waiting 25 years anymore for the American Medical Association to get around to changing their policies about different types of therapies. Instead, they’re collecting the data from numerous recently done medical studies and starting to incorporate them in their practice now.

And these physicians are a lot more successful than the conservative ones who decide to wait until they are told what to do and what to change in their practice.

You can do the same thing. By using this information on our blog, which is highly researched to find out what works for diabetics, you can take your diabetes and then eliminate it. This latest series on sugar is one of the first steps.

Next…  find out how you can get your family to stop eating so much sugar in their diet.


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