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Posted by Beverleigh H Piepers RN, Dated 18-1-2016


You could have been super busy on New Year’s, returning from a vacation or from a short getaway or even a party or fun celebration – and didn’t really have time to create your goals yet for the new year. Don’t worry, there is still time. You don’t have to be official and start on January 1st. You can start on any day of the year.

Composite image of new years resolutions on january calendarHere are some of the common goals of diabetics for the new year…

1.  Learn about the Weston A Price Foundation diet and switch your eating plan.
2.  Learn about – and follow the Glycemic Index.
3.  Take herbs for lowering your blood sugar.
4.  Clear up all infections – gums, toenail, yeast, etc.
5.  Start taking supplements.
6.  Get your vitamin D levels checked.
7.  Change aluminum pots and pans to stainless steel.
8.  Start walking more.
9.  Get a dog that likes to go for walks.
10. Pet the dog for consolation (instead of eating).
11. Eliminate all wheat from the diet.
12. Eliminate all sugar from the diet.
13. Stop eating foods with MSG in it.
14. Start gardening.
15. Buy heirloom seeds.
16. Start bicycling.
17. Go interview farmers about their grass fed beef.
18. Use the services of a herbalist.
19. Use the services of a nutritionist.
20. Use the services of a chiropractor.
21. Use the services of a massage therapist.
22. Spend more quality time with family.
23. Give up alcohol.
24. Eat two solid meals a day.
25. Change the grocery stores you go to.

What are your goals for this year? Many people don’t only have one goal; they have multiple goals. And by looking at the list, you see it’s entirely possible to accomplish five goals in one month. The first month, you could accomplish #1, 11, 12, 20, and 24. The second month, you could accomplish #7, 8, 13, 22 and 23. The more goals you achieve, the better you’ll feel both psychologically as well as physically.


Beverleigh H Piepers RN
Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach

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Medical Malpractice Cases Go Back to Before the 1800s

Medical Malpractice Cases Go Back to Before the 1800s
Posted by Beverleigh Piepers RN, Dated 21-3-2013

The noscocomial infections and drug interactions induced by modern medicine is pretty frightening. Some statistics are that 80% of the population has at least tried one alternative medicine for an illness. People clearly want answers to their health and those answers better be accurate and had better work!

But did you know that medical malpractice was common in the 1800s and go back to the beginning of time?

If the medical solution to infections of antibiotics is truly legitimate, then why are there so many more infections now than in years gone by? Why are there so many drug resistance problems as bacteria and viruses have developed new ways to adapt to the drugs?

If medical solutions that involve giving people toxic substances was truly legitimate, then why is it that some of the CDC’s own research finds the blood of everyone they test to be filled with all types of chemicals and toxins?

Surely the body accumulating toxins cannot be a good thing. And what about all the toxic elements such as mercury, arsenic, platinum and others that the medical profession uses which may seem to be doing some good temporarily but then end up causing clear cut cases of toxicity? Why does the remedy have to be bad for the body in the long run?

Why do medical tests such as CAT scans and MRI scans have side effects, too?

There are many questions – and these are often the first questions found in the minds of those who are thinkers and won’t just settle for the normal medical treatment.

Early medical texts reflect the concern for medical doctors causing harm. In some of these texts, now considered rare books, you’ll find that the doctors would lose a hand – get it cut off – if their treatment failed for someone in royalty. Not surprisingly, the doctor would simply have to refund half the treatment fee for someone who was in the working class.

In other words, those who don’t have money have less rights than those who do.

Hmmm… it’s really a medical viewpoint that has stayed with us until now, hasn’t it?

What Happened When Souza Prayed for People to Stop Being Offended

What Happened When Souza Prayed for People to Stop Being Offended
Posted by Beverleigh Piepers RN, Dated 5-3-2013

At the seminar my friend went to, the presenter, Katie Souza, took several hours to discuss how getting offended can instantly cause an infection to ‘come on someone’. Often a person will speak negatively about another person and within a few hours, feel as if they are getting sick. Then when they do come down with the cold or flu, it’s one of the worst cases they’ve ever had.

Others have chronic infections and especially mouth diseases or teeth diseases. It’s really no surprise the mouth is bashing someone else and then the person comes down with a mouth disease.

“People don’t often realize the things they are saying are harming themselves and another person. It’s difficult to make the connection sometimes. But if you think about it, you’ll see there is a connection,” she told the audience.

Whether or not being offended is connected to your health, the fact is diabetics have one of the highest rates of infection, period. It is also common to have a high rate of gum and tooth problems and a high rate of amputations due to infections that won’t heal. Is it possible they are speaking offending words while they have the infections and that is contributing to the prolonging of the infection?

It certainly seems plausible.

Katie teaches Christians how to pray in agreement with the scriptures so that all their offenses are forgiven, back to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Several people at the seminar were instantly healed of their ailments.

Whether you are Christian or not, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Getting offended and holding onto offenses can harm you.

The big question now is what will you do about it?


Posted by Beverleigh Piepers RN, Dated 25-2-2013

A friend of mine went to a religious seminar over the weekend. The speaker, Katie Souza, spoke about her experiences that led her to discover a connection between one specific emotion and infections, teeth and gum problems, weight gain and other illnesses. Can you guess what emotion that might be connected to these health problems?

It’s being offended! Wow!

It’s easy to take offense at things people say, isn’t it? People can say the dumbest things, the most harmful and hurtful things, or the most sarcastic and demeaning things to us… and it’s easy to take their words to heart.

And according to Katie Souza, if you watch yourself about how you are getting offended at others, you’ll see a definite connection to developing the flu, colds, infections, gingivitis, root canals, bridgework, cavities, gum problems and quick weight gain. She gave the example of how traveling is always difficult for her and she took offense at something that happened on one of her trips.

When she weighed herself on the scales at the beginning and end of the trip, there was an increase of 6 pounds over a two-day trip. To gain six pounds, someone would have to eat 3500 calories/pound or 21,000 calories! Because she didn’t eat anywhere near that amount of calories, she prayed for an answer on why the weight gain occurred. Her answer was she had taken offense to someone and had soul wounds. She kept mulling the incident over in her mind, and her weight increased.

Souza described the scriptures behind how taking offense can harm
one’s soul and health.

I doubt scientists will be scheduling any new studies on this topic!

So the best way to find out how much of your health is tied to your emotion of being offended is to track what you’re thinking during the day. Someone pulls out in front of you while driving; do you take this as an offense and tell everyone as soon as you get to the office? The key is to drop it just as soon as it happens.

Did your coworker tell you you look tired today? Do you keep thinking about that comment and stop looking in the mirror? Do you think if you look tired, you might as well act tired and proceed accordingly?

This is such an important topic – let’s pick it up tomorrow.