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Posted by Beverleigh H Piepers RN, Dated 24-11-2015

Getting through the holidays as a Type 2 diabetic can be challenging with all of the scrumptious food at your disposal. You’ve got to take extra caution in monitoring your blood sugar as you consider which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. The situation becomes further complicated if you enjoy having a drink every now and again for, during the holiday season, nothing says celebration like making a few toasts to the family and the new year.

Cocktails Collection - CosmopolitanAs a diabetic, you should be aware of the “do’s and don’ts” of alcohol. Even if you only enjoy having a simple drink here or there, you should know how alcohol can affect you. In the end, there are some ways to enjoy an occasional cocktail, when mixed with care. As with food, every alcoholic mixed drink contains a different amount of calories, fat, and sugars, depending on the ingredients, so learning to craft a healthier recipe is an excellent way to enjoy without guilt or worry.

First of all, be aware of the effects alcohol can have on you. Drinking alcohol, even a few drinks, can increase not only your blood sugar but also your blood pressure. And in some cases, it can cause a rapid and drastic drop in blood sugar levels, which can also cause complications. Drinking alcohol can interfere with diabetes medicine, insulin, and other medications, and it can stimulate the appetite and lower your inhibitions.

With the above effects in mind, it is recommended you limit your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks a day for women and men, respectively. Enjoy your drink with a snack or a meal that follows your usual healthy eating guidelines, such as whole grain crackers, light popcorn, or low-fat cheese. And when crafting cocktails or mixed drinks, think outside of the soda and the juice-based mixers. Instead, opt for homemade mixers with fresh citrus (like lemon and lime juice), fruit-flavored spritzer water, and diet club soda.

Using a base of hand-squeezed lime or lemon juice, muddled herbs, such as mint, and a splash of sugar-free seltzer water, you can create some diabetic-friendly cocktails. You can even filter, dramatically reducing the alcohol and sugar content of wine by mixing it with equal parts of seltzer water over ice. Garnish with a slice or two of orange, and your healthy holiday mixer is complete.

As always, remember to keep your alcohol consumption to a well-balanced, moderate level, and don’t forget to check your blood sugar levels.

Glasses of cocktails on bar backgroundCitrus Wine Spritzer. This bubbly, refreshing spritzer contains relatively little alcohol and can be the perfect after work or social mixer. Makes four drinks…

4 wedges lemon
4 wedges lime
1 cup white wine
1 cup citrus flavored seltzer water

1. Fill four glasses halfway with ice. Squeeze 1 lemon and 1 lime wedge into each glass.
2. Pour ¼ cup wine and ¼ cup seltzer into each glass. Stir gently and serve.

Lite Mint Julep. The Kentucky Derby classic cocktail gets a makeover in this diabetic-friendly version. Makes four drinks…

4 lemon wedges
¼ cup fresh mint leaves
¼ cup bourbon or whiskey
1 cup diet club soda or plain seltzer water
Crushed ice

1. Squeeze lemon wedges into a tall cocktail shaker; leave peels in the bottom of the shaker. Add mint leaves; crush gently into lemons. Add bourbon; shake gently.
2. Fill four cocktail glasses almost entirely with ice. Strain bourbon mixture into glasses; fill each glass with about ¼ cup club soda. Stir gently and serve.


Beverleigh H Piepers RN
Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach

Facebook: DrugFreeType2Diabetes
Twitter: @diabetes2diva



Posted by Beverleigh H Piepers RN, Dated 16-2-2015

How do you really feel about keeping all those surplus clothes and food items that are preventing your cupboards from closing properly? Maybe they are unconsciously stressing you out and so you avoid them – telling yourself one day you will get around to cleaning them out.

Clearing them out – as well as other parts of your life sooner than you had planned, will do wonders for your life and here’s three key areas to begin with…

Oven roasted vegetables1. Detox Your Diet. Detoxing to many people means going on a vegetable and fruit juice diet only – but there are many other ways beyond this that needs detoxing. Maybe starting with ditching some eating habits that aren’t doing you any favors when you are living day-to-day and are not on a juice detox. You could choose to do this by starting with eliminating any one of the following categories first…


refined sugars agave syrup, high fructose corn syrup, honey (the non raw variety), table sugar

– gluten

– artificial colorings and flavorings (so opting for cleaner meals mainly made by you so you know what is in them)

2. People in Your Life. Many people do not realize how weighed down they are in life by people who make them feel bad about themselves. Well, this doesn’t have to carry on. Whatever you start with – reducing your Facebook friend list to only those you speak to regularly, to going through your phone and deleting numbers of people you never speak to or would rather not speak to ever again. Be as ruthless as you like because at the end of the day these are the type of people that sap all your positive energy. Then you will have more free time to spend catching up with those that make you feel great, whose company you enjoy.

3. Your Wardrobe. Perhaps the wardrobe is the place where you need to be your most ruthless. Many items of clothing you haven’t worn in a long time simply represent who you once were. It is time to let go of that person and make space for who you are today. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t fit, or anything that has reached it’s expiry date – just think someone else would benefit more from it than you would storing it in a wardrobe like a museum.

Keeping old possessions, including clothes, food, and holding onto friendships that make you feel bad about yourself does not help you to feel great. Remember stuff is just stuff, we cannot take it to our grave. Wouldn’t you rather have a handful of good quality friends you can rely on than many that may not have your best interests at heart and will only sap you of your positive energy?

Beverleigh H Piepers RN
Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach

Facebook: DrugFreeType2Diabetes
Twitter: @diabetes2diva


Antagonists of Vitamin C

Antagonists of Vitamin C
Posted by Beverleigh Piepers RN, Dated 15-2-2013

alkaLike other vitamins and minerals, vitamin C can be destroyed by specific substances and specific conditions in the body. What are these substances that can kill all your good work at raising your vitamin C levels in your body?

Not surprisingly, one of the first ones is alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it unleashes free radicals in the body and this will use up your vitamin C circulating in your arteries.

Drugs are another category of antagonists of vitamin C. Some of them may surprise you. Here’s a short list of them:

1. Oral contraceptives
2. Sulfa drugs
3. Antibiotics
4. Antihistamines
5. Cortisone
6. Estrogen
7. Barbiturates
8. Aspirin

Chemicals in our environment antagonize our vitamin C levels as well. The most common chemicals that do this are petroleum, DDT, and cigarette smoke.

And this last category of antagonists for vitamin C is a miscellaneous one that includes baking soda and other alkalinizing substances such as alkaline water.

Think about these today. Are you antagonizing your body’s vitamin C stores?

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Type 2 Diabetes!

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Type 2 Diabetes!
Posted by Beverleigh Piepers RN, Dated 9-5-2010

When someone receives a diagnosis of diabetes, some of the first things that go through their mind are:

  • That’s terrible!
  • My life as it is right now is over!
  • What am I going to tell my family?
  • How could this happen?
  • Why me?
  • It looks like it’s time to start eating right and working out!

How many of these did you think?

The fact of the matter is that just by making lifestyle changes, you can impact the progression of your Type 2 Diabetes. You can even begin to reverse it!

What healthy lifestyle changes are you going to need to make?

The answer is that it depends on the lifestyle that you are living right now.

Check off any of the following that may be in your lifestyle:

  • Smoking
  • Consume alcohol
  • Rarely exercise
  • Eat junk food
  • Don’t take time for rest and relaxation
  • Frequently stressed out for long periods of time
  • Do not get enough sleep
  • No outlets for laughing and fun
  • Frequent consumption of candy and sweets
  • Irregular consumption of vegetables
  • Dislike for whole grain products
  • Skips breakfast
  • Binge eating episodes
  • Rarely drinks water during the day
  • Loves carbonated drinks and high-caffeine drinks

These 15 habits are the worst ones to have and can aggravate your diabetes or prevent any progress you’re making otherwise and turn it southward.
Now count up any check marks and get your total. How many did you have?

Here’s my rating chart:

1 to 3 – You have great potential to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes. Just by focusing on cleaning up these bad habits, you can see immense progress in about 60 days.

4 to 7 – You are most likely someone that already has been working on improving your lifestyle. Congratulations on your work so far! Don’t give up! Keep going. Keep eliminating any lifestyle habits that interfere with your healing. You can do it!

8 to 12 – When someone has a score in this range, they generally have other emotional issues occurring in their life. Have you been faced with a death in the family or the death of a friend? Did your financial status change suddenly recently? Are you battling with issues with your children or issues at work? These types of emotional issues can drag anyone down. Make a commitment to either do something to improve them or eliminate these emotional issues.

Some people use medication; I believe that medication is a crutch and you eventually have to face the issue head on so why use it in the first place? The decision is ultimately yours, of course. But please remember that there are alternatives. The field of alternative medicine is full of them. For example, you can learn NLP or neuro-linguistic programming techniques. You can take flower remedies. You can work out emotional issues through your body by getting deep massage. All these may not seem like they are addressing an issue, but I know you will be amazed at how they really do work. Change the emotional issues you are having and you’ll be more apt to make other lifestyle changes.

13 to 15 – Oh boy! Your score is really reflective of a lifestyle full of stress, emotional issues, poor choices and bad habits. They say that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! So here’s my advice: Take a long 7-day vacation and come back refreshed and ready to start making changes. Then select two of the lifestyle habits to change and do both for the first 30 days. The reason why I say two, not one like most experts would, is that when you’re diabetic, your clock is ticking. Every day, every hour, every minute that your blood sugar is high means damage is being done to your body, even though you may not see it. By working on two of the habits each month, you can make significant progress in six months. You’ll look and feel better and everyone will notice how great you are looking and feeling!

So go for it. Choose to do something … take that vacation to Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, Disneyland, a big air show, the NASCAR races, Hot Air Balloon Festival, Jazz Festival, or whatever makes you happy. Just get relaxed and commit that you’ll do something about the habits as soon as you get back. Of course, I expect you to be thinking about how you’re going to do that so you start your plan on Day 1 back, no excuses. Remember, the clock is ticking and it has your name on it!