About Beverleigh

As a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years of experience, I’ve cared for countless patients who were in recovery after being subjected to single … or double-leg amputations … and I’ve seen how confused they seemed to be about drugs, diet, and blood sugar levels.

Understandably, their morale and mindset were extremely low, as they felt helpless to change their condition. It was frustrating for me to watch as well, knowing that I couldn’t do much to help them.

That all changed when I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic in 2006. I was floored by my diagnosis; I’d always maintained a healthy weight and kept a close eye on my blood sugar levels, which were regularly in the normal range until that one fateful check-up. To make matters worse, the doctor gave me what I thought at that times was a grim prognosis. She said I would “probably end up being Type 2 diabetic,” and then sent me on my way with orders to follow a low-GI diet as my treatment.

Frustrated by the lack of useful information, I took matters into my own hands, beginning a lengthy research process on the most effective treatments for Type 2 Diabetes. With the answers I found, I was able to quickly bring my blood sugar levels into a healthy range, effectively reversing my condition.

Since then, I have published over 2500 articles on the subject of Type 2 Diabetes, which have been viewed over half-a-million times.

As a Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach, I specialized in healthy weight loss, along with reversing, and even preventing the development of Type 2 Diabetes. I helped my clients make natural, lasting lifestyle changes that both warded off Type 2 Diabetes and allowed them to lead healthier lives.

I also worked with Type 2 diabetics to discover exactly what they should be doing to reverse their health condition… with no hype or fluff. I helped my clients identify the habits that were sabotaging their well-being and then held them accountable so they could continue on and live in a way that supported their good health.